"I have been a client of Vitality Personal Training for just over four months and the training I have received has really made a difference in my life. I have a history of rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia and I am now able to function on a daily basis experiencing little, if any, pain. I have also seen a significant improvement in my overall strength and endurance."

Yvonne, 64

"I have experienced many physical benefits from the program at Vitality Personal Training. I have significantly improved my upper body strength, my lower back pain has diminished and the knee pain I was experiencing before starting the program is now gone. I am seeing muscle and firmness on my body that did not exist prior to my workouts!"

Judy, 55

"It is now the middle of February and since early December, I have lost 12 pounds and dropped one dress/pant size. The eating plan is great since I don't feel hungry! I have received many compliments on my improved physique. I feel much stronger and confident about myself. The workouts are not easy, but they are certainly beneficial and worthwhile!"

Mary, 35

"It's a quick workout and you get maximum benefits in the least amount of time. I like having the one-on-one instruction. It's really helped me with my back and it's not hard on the joints. I am extremely satisfied with my results. It's of great value!"

Ken, 42

"I've dramatically increased the amount of weight that I'm lifting. I've also noticed more mobility in my neck and back. I have more energy and my wife says she's never seen my muscles as developed as this. I just feel a lot better and like being able to work out on my lunch-hour and not have to worry about sweating and needing to take a shower."

Don, 40

"I have been training at Vitality Personal Training for almost four months now. The personal instruction I receive is very motivational, never judgmental and always encouraging and supportive. The nutritional knowledge I have gained has been invaluable, including great articles and up-to-date information. I have experienced a major weight loss and significantly improved my health test results since beginning the program. I highly recommend the services at Vitality Personal Training."

Stan, 50

"Turning 65 yrs. old, having a history of lower back issues, I was encouraged by my wife (a long term client) to enroll in the program at Vitality Personal Training. It’s been ten months and I feel like a new person. I’ve seen dramatic improvement in overall strength, especially core strength and have dropped two pant sizes. Since starting the program, I have not had any issues with my back, which I find remarkable. The things I appreciate the most are: the efficiency of the workout – each of my twice-weekly workouts takes less than one-half hour, the personal one-on-one encouragement from Rick, and the workouts tailored to specific needs and limitations. I can’t say enough about the program!"

Richard, 65


"After nearly one year, I am extremely pleased and impressed with the results I have received. I used to work out five mornings a week and I have experienced superior results with this program, while committing much less time to working out.  In addition, I used to see a chiropractor every two weeks for my back and I have not seen him for months. If time is money, then Vitality Personal Training represents tremendous value."

Carol, 45