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At Vitality Personal Training, you will experience proven workouts, following High Intensity Resistance Training principles:

~ Intensity - performing each exercise to a high level of muscular fatigue 

~ Duration - brief workouts, approximately 30 minutes in length

~ Frequency - to allow for adequate recovery, no more than three sessions per week

~ Progression - appropriately increasing the resistance used on each exercise to

   maintain overload on the muscles

~ Form - maintaining strict form on the exercises to efficiently target the involved

   muscles and maintain safety

~ Order - in general, performing exercises in order of largest muscle groups to smallest

Closely adhering to these principles, allows you to efficiently address the five important components of your level of physical fitness:

- increasing your muscular strength and endurance

- increasing your cardiovascular efficiency

- enhancing your flexibility

- improving your body composition

- increasing your resistance to injury

Your individual program is tailored to your personal needs and fitness level. Whether you are an athlete, looking to get to the next level or a couch potato just taking the first step, a program will be implemented based on your current physical condition. You will be supervised on a one-to-one basis by a certified instructor who will ensure you get the most benefit from your workout, safely and efficiently. 

Nutritional counseling is included in your program. You will be guided in modifying your eating habits to help you reach your fat-loss goals and make positive changes to your health and well-being. Most diets fail because the individual frequently feels deprived and/or hungry. It is more productive utilize a meal plan that allows you to trim down while feeling satisfied. 

You are trying to avoid this...

Your first scheduled visit to Vitality Personal Training, is a complimentary consultation/trial workout ($85 value), that lasts approximately one hour. During the consultation, you have the opportunity to communicate your desires and goals and learn how the training techniques/philosophy will help you to achive them. The trial workout allows you to experience a practical introduction to just how efficient and effective every session will be.

You are not required to submit any initiation or maintenance fees or agree to any long-term commitments, for the premium services you receive at Vitality Personal Training. Your financial investment is structured on a month-to-month basis and depends on your workout frequency:

two sessions per week - $340/month

three sessions per week - $510/month

Call today to experience the most challenging workout you've ever had!


  • Increased Metabolism
  • Increased Cardiovascular Efficiency
  • Enhanced Flexibility
  • Improved Posture
  • Increased Bone Strength/Injury Prevention

MedX TM lower back therapy - watch this video for more information:


Appointments are available:

Monday through Friday 6:30am-7pm

Saturday 8am-12pm


"The value of efficiency is everywhere

recognized. The great prizes of life come only to those who are efficient."


 Bernarr Macfadden - Vitality Supreme, 1922